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Private lessons
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Swiss Snow League

When attending our courses, fun and learning progress is guaranteed. The personal technique is improved and new forms are taught quite playfully.

Choose the right League for optimal learning progress. The movies will help you.

Kids Village (Piccolo/Snowgarden)

Snowli shows you how to brake, make turns and jump with your skis. In our specially equipped Kids Village you will succeed especially quickly.

Learning objectives
  • Information about the history of Snowli
  • Getting to know ski and snow
  • Walking, ascending (turning)
  • Falling line driving Parallel and braking
  • First change of direction from the fall line

Blue Prince/Princess

Learning objectives
  • Equipment info
  • Climbing with stair and shear step
  • Sliding and braking in the plow
  • Skiing in parallel ski position with transfer and tricks
  • Plow turning

Blue King/Queen

Learning objectives
  • Info about the safe use of transport equipment
  • Skewing and tricks
  • Side slides
  • Parallel navigation of simple waves and jumps
  • Plow swing on easy blue slope

Blue Star

Learning objectives
  • Info about the behavior on slopes (FIS rules)
  • Swinging in mini - pole forest and course
  • Wave and trough driving
  • Switch travel in V position with change of direction
  • Plough swinging on varied blue slope

Red Prince/Princess

Learning objectives
  • Info about the warm-up (warm-up)
  • Brakes parallel
  • Bow treading on easy slope
  • Waltz
  • Parallel swing (slid)

Red King/Queen

Learning objectives
  • Info about the behavior in the snowpark
  • Short swing on easy slope
  • Skate step in the plane
  • Basic Air (Small Kicker)
  • Parallel oscillations with different radii

Red Star

Learning objectives
  • Info about nature, forest and landscape
  • Parallel swing in bar couloir and course
  • Parallel swing "Switch" (slipped)
  • Single leg swing on easy slope
  • Short swing on medium difficulty slope

Black Prince/Princess

Learning objectives
  • Info about the material preparation
  • Short swing with pole use on difficult slope
  • Jump straights and fifty-fifty over box
  • Parallel swing in unprepared snow
  • Carving turn (cut parallel turns) on wide, easy slope


The Academy ensures boundless fun on and off the slopes, in the snowpark and between the gates.

You want to make a fresh trail in deep snow?
You want to learn new tricks in the snowpark and find your own style?
You like to ride in the gates and it can't go fast enough for you?

We challenge and encourage you in a variety of ways at your level - you learn what you enjoy!