Taster course for the little ones

The little ones learn to walk, slide and glide on skis with the involvement of a parent.


Beginners course from approx. 3 years old

Here you can try, practice and soon stand safely on the skis.


Beginner course from 5 years

At the beginning of the week, we start in the Kids Village, which is specially equipped for children. And soon the first descent on the blue slope beckons.

Group lessons ski

Group course for children and teenagers

Skiing should above all be fun! That's why the lessons are playful and varied.

Snowboard Snowgarden

Beginners course from approx. 4 years old

No one too small to be a snowboard pro! At the beginning of the week we start in the Kids Village. As soon as you can ride and brake, it's off to the blue slopes.

Group lessons snowboard

Group course for children and teenagers

We show you everything about snowboarding: Sliding, front and backside curve, lift riding and much more.

January hit/February hit

Children's ski lessons from 5 years old on four half-days at a special price (only ski - no snowboard).

You'll learn the technique and the most important tricks from scratch - and also learn what the rules of conduct are on the slopes.

Freestyle course

The slopes are too boring for you? Then come to the freestyle course. You'll see what tricks are possible and learn which park rules apply.

Freestyle Academy

New also for snowboard!

Jumps, rails and much more await you at the Freestyle Academy. Under expert coaching you will learn more and more tricks on 11 half days throughout the season.

Snowboard taster course

Dare the first attempts on the snowboard! We will show you the basics of snowboarding: sliding and the front and backside curve.

Grouping ski

The films of the Ski League will help you to estimate your level.

Grouping snowboard

The films of the Snowboard League will help you to estimate your level.